October 31st Newsletter: Hanse 400 Delivery & Offshore Training

This Saturday afternoon and Sunday look good for bringing the Hanse 400 back from Mystic to Norwalk. We will head up Saturday afternoon, leaving around noon from SSC.  Transportation will be arranged.  Wind forecast start out of the south, shifting to the SW and west by the evening (and building to 15-20).  Temps will be in the 60’s.  Ebb begins at 8:30 am, max ebb 11:30 am on Saturday, so getting under way around 2 pm will give us 6 hours of a nice flood.

Of course, dark by around 6:40 pm.  Saturday night it will probably be best to stop in Westbrook (about 25 nm – 5:30 eta) or Clinton (6:30 eta), where we can plug in for heat. Could also go to the Thimbles and grab a mooring.

We will get an early start Sunday, underway by 7 am. 2 hrs of flood, then bucking the tide, but not too much in the Sound at that point. Sunday afternoon we will arrive in Norwalk around 2-3 pm. Sunday will be a beautiful day, cool clear NW winds with a high of 53 degrees.  The Long Island Sound is still quite warm, which makes fall cruising much more pleasant.   Please email us about space availability if you are a member or recent student.

Valanta departing for Bermuda Dec 2017

The following weekend, Saturday November 10th 10 am – 2 pm we will likely do the Offshore prep session, then haul the Hanse 400.   As usual, we will leave as soon after Thanksgiving as possible (Dec. 1-2 is ideal but we will likely depart sooner than that), with the Bermuda to St Thomas leg departing on December 8th.

One of our favorite things to do with a Bosun’s chair!

SSC is pleased to offer  Frostbiting every Sunday from Novovember 4th to December 16th, with a New Year’s Race on January 1st 2019!  Rigging starts just past noon at 12:15 pm with the first start at 12:30 pm. The final race will start by 2 pm.

As before, members can race for free as crew.  Non-members can race for $20.  Kids race for free.  All crew who are not your kids would still need to fill out a registration form and pay the $20 per person fee.

One design racing is the best way to refine your sailing skills, and learn what makes a boat fast.  We guarantee you will become a better sailor, and of course, the thrill and excitement of racing is great fun.   We look forward to seeing you out there.  Please use our MeetUp page to sign up for racing;

Sound Sailing Center MeetUp Page