Charter Overview

Longing to be out on the water but don’t own a boat? Chartering might be for you.

If you are an experienced sailor, you can rent a boat for a day, a half day, or an evening. Longer rentals, or charters, can be from two days to two weeks or more.   Charters are ideal for one time trips.  If you are in the area and wish to sail more often, a Sound Sailing Center membership is the way to go.  If within 2 weeks after the end of your charter, you sign up and pay for a membership, the charter fee’s paid (and time used) can be counted towards your membership, saving you up to 60% of the cost of your charter.

If you are doing a Day Charter, we can arrange delicious Fresh from the Farm Food for any occasion.

Please email or call 203.838.1110

Daysailer (Ensigns)
2 Hour Charter $232
4 Hour Charter $439
8 Hour Charter $643

Bristol 27.7
One Weekday  $426
One Saturday, Sunday or Holiday  $623
One Week Charter $1,738

CS 30/C&C 32/Pearson 37
One Weekday  $632
One Saturday, Sunday or Holiday  $923
One Week Charter $2,576

Sweden 340/Contest 36
One Weekday  $904
One Saturday, Sunday or Holiday  $1,321
One Week Charter $3,684

Var 37/Hanse 400
One Weekday  $1,071
One Saturday, Sunday or Holiday  $1,566
One Week Charter $4,366

Our fleet starts with daysailers like our 23-foot Ensigns, and includes larger yachts like our Pearson 37. All our cruising boats are chosen for good sailing qualities and strength. They are boats we enjoy sailing ourselves.

Virtually all our boats can be single-handed. If you can run the boat yourself, your crew or guests will enjoy themselves more, and you’ll be more relaxed knowing that you don’t have to rely on anyone else. We have several older classics that have been extensively renovated, like the Ensigns or Pearson 37s, with new motors, sails and upholstery. Our newer, performance orientated boats include vessels like our Hanse 320. Our larger cruising yachts are moved up and down the New England Coast.

Amenities on all yachts over 30′ includes an enclosed head with hot and cold water, diesel motors, a cockpit shower, and berths for 5-6 people. Larger yachts may have refrigeration, radar and autopilots. Ask for an equipment list on the boat you are interested in.

Schedule: Daysailer rental is scheduled into three time periods: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm, and 6:00 till sunset. Cruising yacht use runs 23 hours from 8:00 am till 7:00 am or 2:00 pm to 1:00 pm the following day. Daily charter rates are discounted 20% for two day charters, 25% for three days, 30% for four days, 35% for five days, and 40% for six days.

Primarily, we operate as a membership organization. Rentals and charters are available when members are not using our boats.

Sailing in New England, due to the tide, fog, and numerous reefs and shoals, is more difficult than sailing in Caribbean waters, but the rewards are great (see some of our own favorite places to sail in our Cruising Information & Charts section).

All customers must provide a sailing resume, pass the US Sailing written test, and perform an on-the-water checkout based on US Sailing standards, unless you have taken classes with us. The on-the-water checkout will take about two hours.  We charge a $160 checkout fee and $100 for daysailers. Charterers must be able to plot a course corrected for tide using Eldridge and demonstrate other aspects of good seamanship like man overboard drills. Please ask for a copy of the US Sailing standards if interested. Our classes are an ideal way to brush up your skills if needed and we’ll give you a 5% discount on your first rental, charter or membership. If you use one of our captains, at $300 a day plus expenses, there is no deposit required, and you will not be liable for any losses.

Refund Policy: There are no refunds for cancelled charters. In the case of a medical or family emergency, a Sound Sailing Center credit, good for one year, will be issued. A 20% deposit will reserve a boat. The balance is due 3 weeks before departure. View the Charter agreement for additional details.