Frostbite Series

SSC is pleased to offer Frostbiting again on every Sunday from the beginning of November into the end of December, with a New Year’s Race on January 1st!  Rigging starts at noon with the first start at 12:30.  The final race will start by 2 pm.  Please email if you’re interested.

As before, members can race for free as crew.  Non-members can race for $20.   Children race for free.  All crew who are not your kids would still need to fill out a registration form and pay the $20 per person fee.

You do not need to be a sailor to participate as crew. The boats are Captained by one of our members or instructors, who will teach you the basics.

Ensigns have deep, comfortable cockpits, so you exposure to the elements is limited.  You should bring extra layers. There might be some spray, so wear a waterproof windbreaker as your top layer, with plenty of fleece underneath.  A warm hat and gloves are also important in colder temps.  In general, you should dress for conditions 10 degree’s colded than the expected conditions.  Ski clothing often works very well. Note that in the winter the the colder, denser air has more force.

One design racing is the best way to refine your sailing skills, and learn what makes a boat fast.  We guarantee you will become a better sailor, and of course, the thrill and excitement of racing is great fun.   We look forward to seeing you out there.

Our New Year’s regatta runs on January 1st. You can be one of the first ones out sailing on the Sound! We may also cruise out to Sheffield Island to see the seals if it is low tide.  The races will be cancelled if;

a. small craft warnings are posted.
b. the winds are over 15 knots
c.  gusts are over 18 knots.
d.  significant rain is forecast.