Private Instruction

For some people with busy schedules, the flexibility of private lessons is very useful.

Please email or call us at 203.838.1110

Please click here before signing up  Payments, Cancellation and Refund Policy

$220 an hour for a 23′ Ensign and an instructor.

$2,000 for 10 hours on a 23′ Ensign and an instructor.

$112 an hour for Non-Members (plus the cost for the boat charter if using a SSC yacht).

$100 an hour for Members (members have unlimited use of the Ensigns, so no per use boat cost).

Private Lessons allow complete flexibility.  Compared to group lessons, private lessons are a more time efficient way to learn needed skills.  The skills taught in a 20 hour Basic Keelboat program for example can be covered in about 10-15 hours on a private basis, generally with 2-3 hour lessons.  However, a group learning allows you to practice a skill, then take a break and watch others struggle!  This is surprisingly useful, and from our experience, we strongly recommend group lessons.

If you will be taking more than 5 lessons, or intend to become a member in any case, you should sign up for membership so as to eliminate the per use charge to use our Ensigns.   If you want to try a single private lesson before signing up for membership, the cost can be applied as a partial payment on a membership as long as you let us know within 30 days of the initial lesson / charter.

New yacht or hourly lessons

Every year we provide customized instruction for sailors who have purchased a new yacht. We often provide advice on setting up the boat for easier docking and shorthanded sailing.   We also offer help with reviewing key skills like MOB recoveries, using our years of experience to set up the needed systems and practice their use until these skills are automatic.

Student Make Up Lessons

Students will need to make up missed lessons with a private lesson.   The cost for the Daysailer and the instructor is $100 an hour.