More sailing, less expense and no maintenance.

Compared to owning, renting or chartering, membership costs much less, with total flexibility to use the boat for both longer trips and short daysails. Some members make a single, 17 day reservation, and sometimes keep the boat close to their office or home.  Most members use a mix of half or full day weekends, and a few longer trips. It’s your choice. Boat ownership is expensive, with the purchase price and/or finance payments a small part of the cost. Winter and summer dockage runs from $160 – $250 a foot, if you can find a slip, and you often must pay for a larger slip than needed. If you’re not handy or your time is limited, running expenses will cost far more than you can imagine. Insurance, upgrades and maintenance are around $2,000-$5,000/yr for a 20’-25′ sailboat, $5,000-$10,000 for a 25’-30′ sailboat and $8,000-$20,000 for 30’-40′ sailboat. Finally, boats depreciate, sometimes by very significant amounts. Many of our members eventually buy their own boats (and often use our expertise as brokers to help them make a good decision), and boat ownership can be a source of great pleasure. However, all our former member tell us they had no idea about what a great deal Sound Sailing was until they were owners! Having your own boat, set up exactly as you wish with all your gear ready to go, is a joy. Membership at Sound Sailing can help you decide if sailing is for you, and what boat size and type makes sense. Of course, many of our members are experienced sailors, and either did not use their yacht enough to justify it, or are tired of the maintenance and expense. Plus, they love the great boats we have!

We offer Daysailer and Yacht Memberships.

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