Hourly Ensign Charters

Our primary daysailers are Pearson Ensigns, a strong , unsinkable fiberglass boat that is still actively raced (and still being built) more than 30 years after her introduction. Ensigns are probably the most comfortable daysailer ever built. They have high backrests and a large, deep cockpit. The Ensigns are ideal for families or relaxing picnic cruises. Their cockpits are larger than even our J44. Just as important for us is that Ensigns, with our unique modifications, are the easiest daysailers to singlehand that we know of. We have many members in their 60s to 70s, men and women, and they love being able to easily singlehand our boats.

Daysailer Charter with an Instructor 
$240/hr includes instructor and boat for 90 minutes. No checkout required.
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To book or inquire about an Ensign Daysailer charter, please email us at sscsailing@gmail.com or call 203.838.1110.

a.   Breaking everyone into smaller groups often allows for higher quality interactions than milling about on the deck of a larger boat.   The cockpit of the Ensign is very conducive to great conversations.
 b.   Everyone gets a chance to steer the Ensign, and there are better opportunities to learn about sailing if someone wants. Often people like it so much that they take lessons with us (we are the largest adult sailing program in CT), and develop a new lifelong passion.
 c.  Of course, participants can just relax and observe. You are closer to the water, and much more involved with the process. Even if someone does not want to learn how to sail, being able to touch the water and be in touch with the environment, as opposed to being isolated from it, has it’s own reward.
d.  Birdwatching is excellent as we are often sailing less than 100′ from the islands. Note that the Norwalk Islands are primarily a nature sanctuary, and thus undeveloped.
e.   Because we primarily sail inside the islands, there is very little wave action and we have never had someone get seasick in any of our classes or corporate events.
f.  We sail by several beaches, so swimming is definitely an option.
g.  Each boat is typically equipped with a cooler filled with snacks and whatever beverage you wish.
h.  In some cases, we also bring one of our larger boats as a mothership, which is anchored at our ‘destination’, typically by a beach.  This provides an enclosed head for bathroom access and also allows us to switch around the groups.  The Ensigns will raft up to the Mothership.