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Sailing is an exhilarating experience—in addition it promotes physical and mental wellbeing. Provide a lasting impression.

Sound Sailing Center offers a variety of sailing package options for teams and organizations. All packages are custom tailored to your individual preferences.

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“Entertaining Clients Package
Wow your clients with a sail on a 37′ yacht, a unique and memorable venue. Included in the layout are a spacious main salon and three staterooms. Get out of your usual setting and enjoy the freedom of being propelled by the wind. Your clients will appreciate the exhilarating and enriching experience you’ve arranged for them.

Another option is one of our 23’ Pearson Ensigns.  Enjoy the comfort of classic teak and mahogany while you and your clients enjoy a relaxing sail around the Norwalk Islands. Large cockpits ensure a smooth, comfortable ride.


“Aboard a Yacht” Board Meeting Package
Make your next meeting, fun, exhilarating and memorable. Incorporate sailing into your sales meeting, awards dinner or any company gathering. You can choose from a fleet of fine yachts to experience the beauty of Long Island Sound.

Bring your team closer together in a setting where people naturally let go, speak and laugh freely, while they enjoy being with their colleagues on an adventure. Individuals may either choose to help sail under the captain’s supervision, or relax, talk among themselves and enjoy the wind and the ride.

Choose up to six of our 23’ Pearson Ensigns. Each sailboat seats 5, not including captain. During the summer months only afternoon time-slots are available.

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Team Building/Racing Package
A one-day team-development workshop on the water.

The SSC teambuilding process is so much more than a nice softball game that didn’t make any difference back at work. It is an out-of-the-box experiential challenge characterized by accelerated and memorable learning! Each team must find its way to optimum performance, and our sailing discovery process is proven to nurture and accelerate that process. Teams must continually communicate and adjust to reach optimum processes and achieve goals. Possibly no other activity demands such a high level of coordination, adaptability, attention to feedback, and team spirit to succeed.

Past teams have demonstrated dramatic and practical performance improvements in the following areas:

  • new level of role adaptability
  • expanded personal and team perceived limits
  • improved morale and resolved conflicts
  • comfort in the face of pressure, complexity and ambiguity
  • breakthroughs in communication
  • spirit of camaraderie and friendship
  • willingness to step in and do what it takes to produce the results

After a short briefing, we heard to the water to begin learning the skills, communication and teamwork necessary to maneuver the yacht skillfully. We take turns learning the various positions and roles: vessel command, steering, control of the mainsail, the jib, and tactician.

Participants return to the clubhouse for awards, celebration and debrief. We offer supportive feedback, and facilitate a debrief on what you learned, and what you can take back to work.

Your team will depart having had a day full of excitement, fun, inspiration and learning.

Choose up to six of our 23’ Pearson Ensigns. Each sailboat seats 5, not including captain. During the summer months only afternoon time-slots are available.

After the Sail…
Following your sail, enjoy a private dinner at the Sunset Grille, which is adjacent to our facility.

Or choose to have us sail you from our Norwalk facility your team to or from a waterfront restaurant of your choice or a Norwalk Island of your choice for a catered luncheon or cocktail party. Groups can, for example, sail from our Norwalk facility to any waterfront restaurant in the area, arriving at their dinner site via sail.

Additional Services can be added to your package

        • snacks
        • awards or prizes