Bermuda Race Finale

Nothing like a warm shower after 5 days to make you feel like a new man!

As you may know, we missed out on 3rd place by a few minutes. The crew worked extremely hard and sailed what I thought was a near perfect race. I likewise put a huge amount of effort into this race.

The race started out with lovely conditions racing out of Newport. Of course, the forecast was ominous, but improving, and about 30% of the fleet did not start, including such well prepared boats as the 2 Navy entries. With lighter winds on the west side of the course and better currents, the path we took was mapped out well in advance. We had an excellent start – and were on our way.


We quickly settled into the passage routines and enjoyed a lovely dinner. Although the conditions were supposed to deteriorate quickly, the conditions actually kept getting better with light winds and clear blue skies. It quickly became apparent that the strong high pressure system was moving farther south than expected, and the developing low would not be as strong.

The most memorable moment of the race was, after sailing through a pod of large whales and many Dolphins, a very curious small sperm whale breached 3 times right next to our boat (less than 100′ away!!) and was obviously checking us out! A moment we all will never forget.


Having sailed north a month ago, we knew we needed to sail either well east or west of the rumbline. Going east leaves one tacking to Bermuda at the end. The only question was how far west we should go. When we did not find the eddy currents where expected we straightened out our course and tried to minimize the miles. This turned out to be a good call, but the boats that went east did better this time (we think).


The conditions did indeed deteriorate south of the stream, with winds up to 30 knots briefly. The new sails were excellent, and the innovative batten system for the jib a big help.

But perhaps the key sail was our asymmetrical. When I picked up the sails I was quite surprised it was a 3/4 oz instead of a 1.5oz as expected. Nevertheless it performed admirably and helped us keep up with much larger boats before and after the high winds. However, the combination of large waves and somewhat fluky winds led to quite a few collapses.


30 hours before the finish, there was one collapse too many, and our only asymmetrical ripped just above the clew with the foot and leech tapes also completely ripped off. We got the sail down but it was a mess. I immediately announced we needed to fix the sail which some of the crew had a hard time imagining. But we knew lighter winds were coming. I started at 8pm and by 11 had the 16′ foot tape and a few tears repaired. Then I started on the much longer (45′) leech tape and the worst damage – the separated clew patch.
18 hours of nonstop work by Martin assisted by Sean, John Roberts and others the sail was repaired. I only slept 2 hours that night. The winds were dying over the last 2 hours of repair work and we were working crazy fast. There were bets as to how long the sail would last but even close reaching in 10 knots it was fine, and the entire crew
knows a whole lot more about sail repairs!!!


The winds did turn to the SW and we ended up a hard on the wind for the last 10 hours, but the asym was key for 4 hours of sailing where it boosted our speed by 2 knots. If only we finished it one hour sooner we would have been on podium.

Everyone loved the experience and had an amazing time. The great memories will last for longer than the unhappiness over our near podium finish.

Colette and Martin will be sailing the VAr back with hopefully Ivan. Of course additional crew would be welcome!

Sound Sailing Center Crew Heads to Newport for the Newport Bermuda Race!

Today’s Pre-Race Update:

Varuna is in Noank this Am and will leave for Newport at 8am.  ETA around 2pm.

The weather for the waters enroute to Bermuda / just north of the stream are challenging – Bermuda (euro model) shows the low quite far to the south while NOAA sees it stronger and just south of the stream – moving north on Monday.  The 96 hr 500mb chart is also ugly.   I suspect there will be a one day delay in the start of the race as the stream would be very tough to cross with steep breaking waves if east winds over 25 knots.  South winds as expected Sunday are no big deal.

 newport bermuda send off

Ahoy Thimble Islands!!

Ocean Sailing: Sound Sailing Center | Norwalk, CT

Captain’s Log: Thimble Islands

My kids and I sailed from New London back to Norwalk, stopping at one of my favorite spots, the Thimble Islands off Branford.  Unlike the Norwalk islands, which for the most part are glacial sedimentary deposits, the Thimble Islands are granite outcroppings, like much of the Maine coast, with all their rugged beauty.   The base of the Statue of Liberty is constructed of granite from the surrounding area.
Up to quite recently, all the symbol islands or private and you could not go I sure on any of them. Several years ago Outer Thimble was donated to the National Park Service and is now a public island.
Sound Sailing Center Learn to Sail

Anchoring is tricky in the Thimble Islands, given the shifting currents.   2 anchors set 180 degrees to each other with a weight to keep the rode down will do the trick.  However, there are generally several unoccupied moorings available. If you arrive towards the end of the day it’s often a safe bet to grab one of these.  If the owner shows up they will certainly let you know!  We then dingied over to Outer Thimble and spent a few wonderful hours climbing all over and just laying on the rocks.


Heading out, I was surprised at how unuseful the GPS was for navigating between the various clumps of rocks. Paper charts with plotted courses are essential.  I am always glad to review possible destinations with our members based on my many years of experience. We hope you will get out there soon!  Memberships are filling up rapidly so let us know if you want to get out there this year.


learn to sail sailing membership


The Thimble Islands are not the easiest destination, but they are, to my mind, the most beautiful one in all of Connecticut.